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Club BBQ

Club Sponsored BBQ

Many thanks to Robert S. and Chris A. for pulling together another fantastic barbeque at the field. There was an excellent turnout, great camaraderie and lots of flying. 

Eleven members participated in a timed glider Fun Fly while others munched on burgers and hot dogs. It was a great day and an event everyone is looking forward to in the future.


1st place - Chris Schoenbauer, our next contest director. 

2nd place -Bill Hall

3rd - tie between Bruce Kaplan. and Mike Dantonio.

Congratulations guys!

Past Events...

LVSC 2017 President Barry M. recently returned from Downtown Texas, TX annual "Heli's Over Apache Pass" event. The event was attended by over 80 amateur and pro RC helicopter pilots. The Texas country SE of Dallas was spectacular (see photo's.) 

This is one of the many annual RC heli events throughout the country and everyone had a great time at this beginning of the season event. Major sponsors, Align/Enterprise Hobby, AMain, Gaui and many others offered great raffle prizes and presence at the 3 day event.

Barry brought with him the GMP Cobra Jet Ranger that has become famous again after being lost for 20+ years. This helicopter carries with it the history of RC Heli flying and was the original model used by heli legend Robert Gorham. Although not highly recommended today, this worldwide famous photo from the 80's demonstrates how much of an incredible pilot Robert G is. He told me that he values the top of his head too much these days and the 2 times he did this were 2 times too many.

The Las Vegas Fabulous Fun Fly on the 24-26 of February 2017 was a smashing success. Around 80 pilots registered for the event from as far away as Sweden. Our club was the host club for the event held at Bennett R/C Field in conjunction with Align Helicopters, Enterprise Hobbies, Mikado, AMain Hobbies, Synergy, High on Heli's and several other sponsors. 

Barry (LVSC President) was CD for the event and wishes to thank Robert S., Sandy T., BIll R. and Jeremy V. for their help with setup, food and tear down. Also helping from the Las Vegas RC Club was Tina K.

Align team leader Gale along with Jack from Enterprise Hobbies were a pleasure to work on the event with. All the guys from the Align team were awesome pilots and all around great guys, as were all the pilots and their guests.

We're looking forward to hosting an even bigger event next year.

We'll get some pictures posted as soon as they are collected and sifted through.

Check the club Facebook page for lots of photo's.

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