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UAV/UAS operations at LVSC

As many of us know, UAS/UAV operators are rapidly increasing within our club and in the Las Vegas Valley. We feel it is important for the club to not only accept them, but to be able to properly monitor activities at the field. Safety is our primary concern when it comes to flying, especially with the close proximity of the Red Rock Recreation Area to the LVSC field and the nearby roadways. Working with a professional organization that promotes training, safety and certification puts us in the lead in the Vegas Valley and further aligns us with the AMA program of "Know Before You Fly." FLYSAFE has a very strict set of rules and regulations that conform with the related sections of the AMA documents pertaining to UAV/UAS and all participants are required to know and adhere to them.


The FLYSAFE course is a rigorous 3-day intensive workshop that immerses people from all skill levels into standardized training and education with tested certification for low-range unmanned aerial photography. FLYSAFE is an education and certification process that helps ensure both camera operator and pilot are professional and safe at all times. The course consists of two parts; ground training and testing and flight training and testing. FLYSAFE is not affiliated with any government agency nor does it’s training practices or certification take responsibility for any pilot/operator’s actions. FLYSAFE is a training program to provide quality flight safety and operator training for independent operators. The FLYSAFE certification is strictly proof of successful completion of the FLYSAFE course and compliance with FLYSAFE safety guidelines.

Flysafe Training 9/28/2014 at LVSC

Thanks to the much appreciated, overachieving efforts of Doug Bush, LVSC Treasurer (frequently appearing on the LVSC runway with some type of multi-motor warbird) it appears that the FLYSAFE training day at our field on Sunday the 28th was a complete and utter..success!

Sunday, September 28th attendees of the FLYSAFE training program came to our field for practical training and testing for certification. About 80 trainees/instructors attended and completed their training for certification.

FLYSAFE is the world’s first and only Radio Control Aerial Photography Safety training and workshop. This event trained and certified pilots for the safe and proper use of aerial robotics and UAS for the purposes of aerial photography and cinematography. The course included both classroom and hands-on experience.

LVSC members were still able to fly as the training was held near the winch area.

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