A Gold Leader Club 3308

Las Vegas Soaring Club

If it can fly, you might just see it at our field!


About us...

The Las Vegas Soaring Club began in 1992 and has become one of the oldest and largest RC clubs in the Southwest. One of the reasons we have become so large is that our members are knowledgeable, creative, diversified, and above all...supportive and friendly towards new and existing members as well as visitors interested in the hobby of model flying. 

Another reason is the naturally occurring beauty of the Red Rock Recreation Area adjacent to our field. This area is nationally known for its unusual rock formations of bright orange and pink colors. The park boasts a 23 mile driving experience through the park in addition to a visitors center and gift shop.

There is a noticeable camaraderie on the field as members work together to further enhance and promote the sport of RC flying and Soaring. We encourage the younger guys and girls to participate and learn about RC flying and offer on-the-field training to those interested in flying.

Because of all this our club continues to evolve and grow into a very diversified RC electric flying club. Members may fly any free flight or electric operated aircraft within the guidelines of the club field rules, AMA guidelines or FAA regulations.

Board of Directors

2020-2021 Board Members:

President: Al Badoux

Vice President: Sandy Tiedeman

Sec/Treasurer: Bill Richardson


Safety Coordinator: Mike Dantonio

Membership Coordinator: Dave Osborn


Communications Coordinator: Joseph Perez

Facilities Coordinator: Marty Jones

AMA Contact: Barry Mattison,  AMA District X AVP, IP, Leader Member, CD


AMA Introductory Pilot Instructors

Bill Richardson

Barry Mattison

Robert Slauson

Bruce Kaplan


Club memberships are prorated to coincide with your AMA expiration date

* Junior Members: Under 19 years of age are $6.00 annually.

* General Membership: Ages 19 and over are $24.00 annually (prorate $2 per month)

How to join:

Online application and payment