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The Bob Pickens Junior Pilot Program

Founded by Barry M. in 2014, the Junior Program has become an integral part of the LVSC experience. Funds raised throughout the year provide any needed assistance to the youngsters that might otherwise preclude them from participating in the program. Previous students have received everything from batteries and receivers up to full RTF packages at no cost to them or their parents.

Bob, a long time member of the Las Vegas Soaring Club, was an aviation enthusiast extraordinaire. He was a full scale pilot at a very young age, involved in RC and loved getting others involved. He believed that it was important to pass this knowledge and experience along to the younger generation and expose them to aviation of all types. 

This program seeks to emulate that enthusiasm for aviation and youth by providing a structured entry program for youngsters up to the age of 18 into the hobby of RC flying.

Students prepare for this experience by completing, along with parental input, a short questionnaire that lays out the learning path for their particular program. Students not only learn how to set goals and achieve them, but also develop social and coordination skills with practical experience alongside other pilots.

Upon completion of the program the instructor signs them off for solo flight in their particular RC category and they are free to be on the flight line with other pilots. Each student is given scheduled, personal time with an AMA instructor that remains with them throughout their club experience.


NOTE: Youth Members of LVSC must have an initial interview with an LVSC AMA IP Flight instructor prior to their first flight. At that time the instructor will talk to both the youth member and parent(s), determine flight capabilities of the new member, review safety and field rules and check any flight equipment owned by the member. Contact the club president or an IP instructor to schedule an interview.


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Our newest young pilot...

Our latest Junior pilot graduating from the program is Ayrton Febbo. Under the guidance of another 2023 graduate (Chad L.) Ayrton successfully passed his solo test and joins the ranks of newer pilots welcome on the LVSC flightline.

Congratulations to Ayrton for achieving solo status and welcome to the club. Also, a big thanks to mom and dad for their unwavering support with equipment, repairs and just being there. It makes a big difference in how fast a student progresses.

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