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Application/Renewal for Membership in the LVSC

Membership for new and existing members

is a 2-part process. 

  • Complete, sign and submit the application for membership and the Safety Acknowledgement and Application Form,

  • Submit payment.

Upon completion of these steps you will receive a notice from Membership with your new ID card and other pertinent information, including a complete safety Field Rules list.


AMA and LVSC Safety Rules

Safety is the most important aspect of RC flight activities. The LVSC takes this subject very seriously and has developed the following set of FIELD Rules that must be complied with to avoid accidents and/or personal injury to everyone. All current and prospective members must read and acknowledge their understanding of these safety rules.

A model aircraft is a non-human-carrying device capable of a sustained flight within visual line of sight of the pilot or spotter(s). It may not exceed limitations of this code and is intended exclusively for sport, recreation, education and/or competition. All model flights must be conducted in accordance with this safety code and related AMA guidelines, any additional rules specific to the flying site, as well as all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.

Please read each line item on the following page, check the box that you understand it and will abide by that rule and sign. 

Failure to abide by any of the LVSC Field Rules may result in suspension of flight privileges and/or further action.

A full list of the LVSC Field rules is posted at the field.


NOTE: Youth Members of LVSC must have an initial interview with an LVSC AMA IP Flight instructor prior to their first flight. At that time the instructor will talk to both the youth member and parent(s), determine flight capabilities of the new member, review safety and field rules and check any flight equipment owned by the member. Contact the club president or an IP instructor to schedule an interview.

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