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FAA Required TRUST test information

All those who fly any type of RC (not just drones) are now required to take this flight test.  That includes Part 107 operators, etc. But don't fret, it's a simple, online test available through the AMA website. YOU CAN'T FAIL THIS TEST! Upon conclusion you will receive a print out card that you must have readily available for Law Enforcement or FAA inspection.

Welcome to The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). This is the Federal Aviation Administration’s course for those who intend to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly called “drones”, under the Exception for Limited Recreational Operations of Unmanned Aircraft ( 49 United States Code §44809). For the purpose of this course, the term “drone” includes a variety of aircraft such as remote controlled (RC) airplanes, RC helicopters, and quad-copters.

Because drones can be very simple to fly, it is easy to think that there is not much risk in flying one. The reality is, drones have collided with other aircraft, injured people, and caused property damage.

That is why safety is everyone’s responsibility. This course is designed to provide you with information that will help you fly safely and keep our nation’s airspace safe for everyone.

We are excited to have you join the world of aviation!


NOTE: This test is NOT a requirement of the LVSC, but if asked by any FAA or law enforcement representative, you must be able to produce a card showing you have taken and passed this test.



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  • We make sure the correct payment has been received.

  • We send you an email with : an ID card to be printed out and worn when you're at the field and the gate code. 

General Information:

NOTE: For new and renewing members:

1. Make sure you are current with AMA (not Park Pilot). This takes about 10 days for new members.

2. Youth membership requires an AMA Youth Program number.

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Membership dues are payable by online payment only. Cash and checks are no longer accepted.

NOTE: You can pay for as many years as you want by selecting Quantity on the Payment page AFTER clicking "Pay Now"

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