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Las Vegas Soaring Club

If it can fly, you might just see it at our field!

A Gold Leader Club #3038

Photo Gallery

Rotor Rotor T-rex 700E Dutsting out the cobwebs,,, 202191870 202191871 202191872 Jet Ranger Barry's 500 Jet Ranger on a 450 Align chassis. Full scale including nav lights. 194818620 202191873 202191874 Full size Airwolf with RC Model @ Jet Copters in van Nuys Calif 205525991 TR450 in the EC135 body 205525992 TR450 in the EC135 body 205525993 TR450 in EC135 body 205525994 TR500 in Hughes 500 body 205525995 24+ year old Lama - Converted to electric... 205525996 TR450 in Magnum PI Hughes 500 body 205525997 TR700 - Big birdie... 205525998 TR700 in Jet Ranger body - Las vegas Metro Police Oct 1 commemoritive 205525999 Hawk 30 Nitro in Bell 222 body - Candy Apple Red 205526000 My Santini Air model next to the full size at Jet Copters in Van Nuys Calif. 205526001