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Las Vegas Soaring Club

If it can fly, you might just see it at our field!

A Gold Leader Club #3038

Photo Gallery

Members and Aircraft Members and Aircraft 191591555 191591556 Calypso Flying Easter Sunday! 191620678 U2 Memorial Day Weekend 192774506 U2 Cockpit 192774507 Evening Flight Memorial Day 192774508 ROC Hobby V-tail flew great! 192774509 ROC Hobby V-tail 192774510 ROC Hobby V-tail Cockpit 192774511 Kemy and B-25 at Dusk Barry and Robert sporting some led lighting! 194239817 Jim readies the rebuilt Spad for another flight 195605474 Awesome replica and super flier 195605475 A member lets visitors fly his glider 195605476 New There's a new warbird on the field. 195637153 This is how WE fly! Dennis instructing a new member in the early morning hours. 195637299 195963330 195963331 195963332 195963333 195963334 195963335 195963436 195963437 Barry at Eldorado with part of the fleet 1-18-15 Great time with the bigger stuff and lots of room. 197172770 3-7-2015 Jet on the Field Alex flew his most awesome jet on the field Saturday. It sounds real and definitely needs the brakes when it lands. 197734364 Jerry Parks 203324502 B-17 Bomber B-17 Bomber - Robert Slauson 204069120