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November 5-6, 2016 Runway replacement and heli/quad pad.

It was a lot of work, but we finally got the bulk of the runway project completed on Sunday. Everyone that came to help worked tirelessly all day so that it could be finished. Thanks to Bill Richardson for overseeing the project, and to Robert Slauson, Barry Mattison, Ed Jennings, Harvey Dietrich, Dawson McCartney (and mom), Don Dolan, Doug Bush, Glenn Skanderup, Jerry Parks and a few others for pitching in. We did a lot of raking and moving rocks to clear the West end and the new heli/quad pad and added 2 short pieces off the runway to be able to hold while waiting for takeoff. 

A special thanks to Alma Segura and her management team at GES for the carpet itself and the GES labor time to roll / band and load the carpet. This would have been an expense our club would have had pay for if not for their continued generosity. We greatly appreciate their generous contribution to our club.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Under the guidance of LVSC and AMA Instructor Barry M., Kyle, to his own surprise, landed for the very first time on Sunday. Here he is with his proud dad right after the landing. They were practicing landing patterns as Barry talked him through a low approach. At the last minute the power was cut over the runway and the rest is history, as Kyle's (and dad's) smiles can attest to.

Kyle is a young member of the club and a student of the Bob Pickens Junior Pilot program, named after a former member of the club, life long aviation enthusiast and mentor of RC flying to many. Club funds are available to those youngsters that want to learn RC flying but might not be able to afford planes and/or equipment. 

Contact the club for more information if you would like to participate in the program.

August 6 & 7 field renovation project...

The phenomenal success of the field renovation project is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm LVSC volunteers display on a continual basis. 

We would like to personally thank you for your recent contribution of time to the Driveway Clean up and the new UAV/Heli pad area. This project would not have been a success without your involvement. 

Because of your support we have completed 4 goals. 

  • removed larger bushes from the winch line.Placed 42 tons of gravel around the flight line, winch area and parking lot,

  • cleared the West end of the flight line for the new UAV Heli pad,

  • filled the main driveway/road area, and

  • removed larger bushes from the winch line.

The project was a resounding success, but we couldn’t have done it without you! Project Manager Robert Slauson, Team Lead Barry Mattison and the LVSC board of directors appreciate your gift of time, energy and enthusiastic support and would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” 

While all the volunteers are greatly appreciated, an extra thanks to those who came both days of their time to make this a great club and a successful project. It was dusty, hot and dirty

The heavy equipment operations are completed and we will continue to rake areas and spread gravel out in some areas. There are rakes at the field if you would like to participate in the clean up. 

Once again, our sincere thanks to all the volunteers. Please come see me at the BBQ tent at our National Model Aviation Day/2nd annual Electrics Over Red Rock Festival next Sunday, August 14th, for a free BBQ and T-shirt.

May 29, 2016

New members Archie and Nikki raised the excitement level at the field on Saturday. Archie accomplished his first solo take-off, flight and landing with his new Apprentice, and Nikki took the sticks for the first time ever during flight. Under the guidance of LVSC Pilot Instructor Barry M. both left the field with a smile and new sense of excitement about RC flying. That's the goal of our hobby and great club. Nikki is also one of our only female members. 

Congratulations Archie and Nikki, well done.

Thanks Doug!

LVSC Treasurer Clesson (Doug) Bush was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation at the FPV event on May 15th. Doug quietly performs his duties as Treasurer, AMA liaison, garbage hauler, teacher and membership coordinator...and asks for nothing in return. Thanks Doug! You are appreciated.

(photo L-R: Doug - Treasurer, Bill R.- President)

3/12/2016 - Board of Director's News

The bi-monthly board meeting was held at the field prior to the spring cleanup with the resulting highlights :

  • the board voted to require visible display of LVSC membership cards when on the field. This came about due to the size of our club and a high frequency of non-members flying at the field. The club has purchased LVSC lanyards and badge holders for members free of charge. This will be phased in over the next month. Please see any director for your lanyard and holder. If you are missing a club badge please see Doug Bush or any director at the field.

  • a committee is working on creating a welcome handbook for new members that will include a brief history of the club, updated rules and regulations, a flight checklist and other pertinent information. New members will be contacted by a director, an appointment set up to meet and greet along with a flight proficiency "check ride" to ensure field safety. This is an interim activity while the welcome packet is being developed. 

LVSC Board of Director's News

While there remains considerable controversy regarding registering yourself with the FAA with aircraft over .55 and under 55 lbs, the LVSC Board of Director's voted to require LVSC members to provide proof of FAA registration as a condition of membership as of 19 Feb 2016. Registration is NOT for every aircraft but registrant only. This number must be placed on or in your model aircraft meeting the above weight limits along with your AMA number. Please refer to this recent AMA letter to members for more information.

The latest LVSC News...

Jackson Scores...

On Sunday November 22,2015 the club presented the son of club member Jerry P. with his own multi rotor. Jackson is one of our most enthusiastic young pilots who worked the Electrics Over Red Rock Festival back in September collecting money, checking participants and volunteering for anything he could. Although he was disappointed that he didn't win any raffle prizes, we felt it was an opportunity to encourage the younger kids in getting involved in RC flying. We also noted that on the same day he completed his first solo takeoff and flight of dad's glider. Great job Jackson!

September 20, 2015

Many thanks to Dennis and Stanley Roche, Jr. for the donation of a very well built winch glider and a high wing trainer to the Junior Pilot Program. Stanley used to fly way back when the club was young and remembered those days. He is moving off to California now and wanted to see the planes put to good use. Also included was a very nice Futaba radio system and receivers.

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