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Featured Photo's

A glider floats above the crowd. Blue skies and very light, changing winds made a short flight, but it's still a lot of fun.

Looks like there's another warbird on the field...

This is Bruce's P51 flying by at the field Saturday morning after the meetings (he was rather low and headed for North Vegas I think.)

Alien craft landed Sunday October 6, 2014 on the LVSC runway.  

Actually, this is a new multi-rotor being tested by member Jason M. He had a couple of new beta versions of the aircraft that a few members got to try out as well.

(photo BEMattison)


Joseph has a big smile standing beside a gently used Cessna 182 given to him by a club member today. He successfully made several flights and landed in a nice crosswind with no problem. This transitions him into using ailerons, which he handled quite aptly, and there shouldn't be much stopping him from here.

It's nice to see the younger members active and growing in the club membership.

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