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General Information

This page contains information, links and downloadable documents regarding the AMA, RC information and the Las Vegas Soaring Club. The AMA provides the backbone for RC flying nationwide and is a valuable resource for information about RC flying. We have included links to information from their site for you to better understand the foundation of our AMA certified club field and its rules and regulations.

If you are enjoying the hobby and sport of RC flying, we encourage you to become a member of the AMA (a requirement of our club.) 

Click on the links to the right to obtain the desired information.


  • NAVIGATION: Pages on this website may be reached by clicking on any page name in the navigation bar near the top of each page. Some menu items may reveal a drop down menu upon scrolling over them. These are more pages related to that menu item and can be accessed by clicking on any of them in addition the the main menu selection.

  • CAN I GET ON THE FIELD?: Yes, once you become a member of the club, or if there is a member on site. If there is no member on the field the gate is locked and only members have the access code to enter. The lock code is changed frequently, so watch for emails from the club notifying members of any changes. The field is open 24/7 to club members with an access code to the gate. 

  • LOCATION :The club field is located 2.0 miles west of the 215./W. Charleston intersection on the right hand side of the road. 

  • EMAILS: Members are free to email each other in confidence through the GROUPWORKS page. Email messages are not kept "within" the system per se. While they remain on your profile, they are not visible to others.

  • CAN ANYONE FLY AN AIRCRAFT THERE? Yes, once you become a member of the club, or if there is a member on site (see LVSC Field Rules.) You must possess and have with you a valid AMA membership card and be signed off as capable of following the guidelines of the field and demonstrate capability of proper flight control. NOTE: there are no amenities, such as electrical, water or rest rooms at the field.

  • DOES IT COST ANYTHING? Yes. Adult annual membership is $24.00 per person due before January 1st. Junior membership (under the age of 19) is $6.00 annually. 

  • HOW DO I JOIN THE LVSC? Applications are only accepted online through this web site. 


  • AS A MEMBER, HOW DO I REGISTER ON THIS SITE? You will receive an invitation via email upon completion of an application and verification of AMA membership. Click on the link provided in the email sent to your address and you will be automatically registered as a member. Complete your online profile once you enter the website to receive emails and be able to post photo's and video's.

  • WHAT IF I FORGET MY PASSWORD ONCE I HAVE REGISTERED? If you forget your password only you can reset it by selecting "sign in", then "Forgot password." The system will send you a reset password email to the address you registered with. Click on the link provided and you will be able to reset your password and log in.

  • ADDING PHOTO'S : To add photo's to your gallery go to the "PHOTO's" page and you will be able to upload your photo's. They will also show on your profile after uploading to an album.

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