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Saturday, March 12, 2016 Spring Cleanup...

An unexpected turnout of members Saturday made quick work of pulling shrubbery, filling in holes, fixing the driveway and various other chores that left the field in great shape for the upcoming flying season. Orchestrated by Robert we ended up with 17 volunteers who brought shovels, rakes and other tools. Jumping right in everyone worked hard in putting up new signage, raking, shoveling and chopping to clear the winch line, parking lot, driveway (no more deep channel in the middle), putting stones back at the exit and many other chores.

The weather was perfect and the follow up BBQ with hot dogs, ,chips and drinks made the effort and and camaraderie even more enjoyable.

Thanks to Leon J., Emanuele A., Leonard F., Jerry P., Jason K., Glenn S., Robert S., Bill H., Mac C., Jim W., Doug B., Mike D., Bill R., George B., Barry M., Mike R., Jeremy van G. and guest Don for their aching backs and participation.There are still a few things left to do, such as a little more winch line clearing, but overall, it was a huge success.

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