Members and Aircraft Members and Aircraft 191591555 191591556 Calypso Flying Easter Sunday! 191620678 U2 Memorial Day Weekend 192774506 U2 Cockpit 192774507 Evening Flight Memorial Day 192774508 ROC Hobby V-tail flew great! 192774509 ROC Hobby V-tail 192774510 ROC Hobby V-tail Cockpit 192774511 Kemy and B-25 at Dusk Barry and Robert sporting some led lighting! 194239817 Jim readies the rebuilt Spad for another flight 195605474 Awesome replica and super flier 195605475 A member lets visitors fly his glider 195605476 New There's a new warbird on the field. 195637153 This is how WE fly! Dennis instructing a new member in the early morning hours. 195637299 195963330 195963331 195963332 195963333 195963334 195963335 195963436 195963437 Barry at Eldorado with part of the fleet 1-18-15 Great time with the bigger stuff and lots of room. 197172770 3-7-2015 Jet on the Field Alex flew his most awesome jet on the field Saturday. It sounds real and definitely needs the brakes when it lands. 197734364 Jerry Parks 203324502 B-17 Bomber B-17 Bomber - Robert Slauson 204069120