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Las Vegas Soaring Club

If it can fly, you might just see it at our field!

Jackson's face sums up the whole day as the LVSC celebrated National Model Aviation Day and the 2nd Annual Electrics Over Red Rock Festival. Festivities began on Sunday the 14th of August at the LVSC field with open flying to the public. We had a great turnout of fellow enthusiasts from other area clubs who managed to put everything but a lawnmower into the air for a spin. while several more open fly times were allocated during the remainder of the day, a complete schedule of clinics, demonstrations and racing filled up the day.

Thanks go to Michael Wargo, Team Pilot for Precision Aerobatics, Hobby King and Twisted Hobby's held a very informative clinic and demonstrated proper airplane and transmitter setups followed by a very graceful 3D demo. Precision Aerobatics was also kind enough to send a fantastic raffle prize in the form of an MX sport plane. Many thanks to Michael and his sponsors for taking the time to travel from Florida and participate in our event.

Our own MultiGP, drone and wing racing guys Joseph Perez, Mike Dantonio, Scott Duncan and Chris Cernuto put on a fantastic FPV wing racing and quad speed demo throughout the day. There is more and more interest in this facet of the RC hobby and the LVSC is happy to be at forefront when it comes to educating and demonstrating the proper and safe way to operate this new technology. This was the first time the three local "drone" clubs have gotten together, a long overdue meeting. From the video and pictures of the day and taking to the participants, it was a great time for all. Thanks to all the members of the three clubs for their participation, enthusiasm and camaraderie throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the day was a demo of 3D helicopter flying by Align and Thunder Power Team Pilot Ben Storick. The crowd was mesmerized as he made his Trex literally dance down the runway, jump up out of sight, then suddenly reappear upside down an inch over the runway. It boggles the mind to even begin to understand the skill and reflexes needed to perform the maneuvers Ben did. Thanks to Ben for his exciting demo, Align and Thunder Power for sponsoring him.