AMA Gold Leader Club

Las Vegas Soaring Club

If it can fly, you might just see it at our field!

General Information:

NOTE: LVSC General Membership requires:

  • An AMA Full Membership Program number (not Park Pilot).
  • Youth membership requires an AMA Youth Program number.
  • Small UAS Registration with the FAA.
  • This completed application.

 General Members ( age 19 and over ) $24.00 Annual - Prorate is $2.00 per month to match AMA expiration. Count the months until your AMA expiration date and multiply that times 2 to determine the LVSC dues. We prefer they expire at the same time.
 Junior Members ( under age 19 ) $6.00 Annual- Prorate is $.50 per month. (see above for amount)
 Renewal members may pay for 1 or more years so LVSC and AMA dues expire on same date if necessary.

To register with the FAA go to:  RegisterMyUAS.faa.gov

(NOTE: Illegible or incomplete applications may be returned to the applicant. Online payment adds $1 for Paypal or Credit Card fees.)

Online Application using a credit card or Paypal

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